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Philly’s story is your story, an all-too-common story. We began out of the frustration of our founder in his own efforts to turn his finances around. Let him tell you…

A Note from Our Founder: Our commitment to superior credit repair and service comes starts with my own bad experiences, and my decision that others shouldn’t have to go through the same things I did.

I was a victim of three hindering factors: the credit bureaus, my creditors, and bad credit repair companies that ripped me off! After investing hundreds of dollars hiring multiple credit repair companies, it became apparent that my credit scores weren’t increasing at all.

I decided that if they couldn’t or wouldn’t help me, I’d do it myself. I learned the consumer protection laws and the practices within the credit reporting industries. Then I teamed up with the best consumer attorneys on the East Coast and was able to get tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of negative items deleted from my credit report.

I started with a 474 credit score. By the end, I’d been inducted into the 700 Credit Club… and we can make it happen for you too!

We have helped tons of clients increase their credit scores from 75-200 points within a short timeframe. That’s why Philly Credit Mechanic is the fastest growing credit repair company in Philadelphia.

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