About Philly Credit Mechanic

About Philly Credit Mechanic

With thousands of deletions and hundreds of happy clients Philly Credit Mechanic is the right choice for you. Our focus of repairing your credit and educating you for success will give you the tools you need for a lifetime of good credit.

As a company who understands the impact of negative credit, we focus on treating your situation with care. For less than $3 a day you can have one on one attention to your credit repair. Not only that, but our goal is to update you at least 2 times a week on any device – even your mobile phone.


When is my bill due and how do I pay?

If you’re on a monthly plan, it’s due every 30 days from when you started . If you don’t know your start date log into your portal . The payment is automatically deducted to receive a 30% discount. If you need to update your card just contact us

This seems like a lot can I just pay you to do everything ?

Unfortunately this is usually what a fraudulent credit repair company will tell you they will do . We do 90% of the work we only expect you to do 10% (pay bills on time , pay down credit cards , rebuild credit , use knowledge tools and send us the mail you
Get) this is the only way to repair credit long term. The average client I have gets over $5000 in debt removed . So it will require a little work on your side . It’s no different than hiring a personal trainer or a tutor.

Why don’t you request my credit reports for me?

Generally, when a business requests your credit report, it can cause a “hard” inquiry to be added.

But you can avoid this by requesting your credit report yourself, which is why we ask all of our clients to do so.

Luckily, it’s easy! You can request your credit reports online right now, for free, at http://annualcreditreport.co

What will I owe you in advance?

You will NEVER be charged in advance! It is illegal to charge for credit repair services not yet rendered. Please keep that in mind, whether you choose to hire us or not.

With us, as with any reputable credit repair organisation, you will be charged only after you’ve received our services, such as credit report analysis or credit dispute letters. To learn more about our payment options, please see our pricing page or call us today!

My score dropped! What's going on?

Your score can drop for a number of reasons . Items deletion, recent late payment, new item in collection, credit card utilization over 30% and applying for too many lines of credit. Which is why is it’s important to
Keep credit monitoring so we can figure out the reason.

How long does credit repair take?

From the signing of your contract, it should take about 35-45 days for the credit bureaus to respond. We call this your first round. For some clients, one round of disputes is all it takes!

However, the credit bureaus often fail to respond to all disputes correctly and may leave some errant accounts on your credit reports. Resolving this for you may require more rounds of disputes, and each round will take an additional 35-45 days.

Our clients usually graduate our credit repair services in six months or less, depending on the specifics of their case, their financial goals, and credit bureaus’ responses.

I disputed one of my accounts before and got the result “frivolous.” What does that mean?

One of the risks of repairing your credit on your own is not providing enough specifics as to the part of the item you’re disputing and why. This may result in the credit bureau concluding that your dispute is frivolous, which means they believe they are not obligated to investigate further.

However, one of the credit bureaus’ “dirty secrets” is that sometimes they also call legitimate disputes “frivolous.” Federal law requires them to investigate your disputes thoroughly, but that takes time and money. If they can stall, you might give up.

This is one of the many benefits of having our experts advocate for you. Our dispute tactics are designed to trigger the codes in the credit bureaus’ systems and get you results. And if they use a stall tactic on us, we know how to respond.

Should I pay off the full balances everytime I use credit or in payments?

It really depends how well you handle debt. If you’re not good at it just pay the full balance, if you are make one purchase and make small payments until the balance is cleared.

Can you get all the negative items deleted from my credit report?

Yes and no.

We have a deletion rate of 70-80% which means sometimes we get all the negative deleted sometimes only some. However from personal experience 100% deletion doesn’t guarantee you a better credit score.

That’s why rebuilding credit is even more important than deletions. You can get 3 items deleted and get 3 new lines of credit and have your score jump over 100 points in a month. On my Experian report I still have a charged off Macys credit card but my score is a 738.

What do I do now?

Pay down all active credit cards to 30% usage or lower

Establish 3 new lines of credit unless told to do otherwise

Be on the look out for mail from creditors and credit bureaus

Keep credit monitoring active for updates (credit karma only gives you a snapshot not full picture)

Visit the resources and credit info tab in client portal to learn

Can getting items deleted lower my score?

When an item is deleted everything good and bad about the item is deleted . Negative items are like the cancer and credit repair is chemo . So a deletion may cause you to lose credit age and payment history which combine is 50% of your score . That’s why you must rebuild your credit.

Credit Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I repair my credit myself?

It is your right under Federal law to dispute any inaccurate information on your credit reports. The question is now much time and experience do you have, and how much more will it take?

When you send your disputes to the credit bureaus, no matter what you write, your disputes are condensed and input into their automated system. They determine if the language of your disputes match their codes and guidelines. If they don’t, you may not get the result you want.

Professional credit repair is an investment, but the value can be far greater in that we use our training and experience to catch and dispute items that the average consumer might miss or challenge ineffectively.

Call us today to find out if and how we can help you.


What kinds of accounts can I get removed from my credit report?

You’re entitled to 100% accuracy of all of the information that the credit bureaus report. Federal law also provides you the right to dispute any of that information that may not be both completely accurate and verifiable.

If a credit bureau cannot provide you with verification that the item of information they’re reporting is 100% accurate, they are legally obligated to delete the disputed item.

We leverage and enforce your consumer rights under Federal law to get you the credit you deserve! Contact us now for more information.

I got a letter back saying it's verified or they won't delete the item, now what?

No need to worry this is normal, typically this is a stall tactic to make you quit. If you think nothing will get deleted you will stop disputing. When in reality they are building up a case to be sued by our legal team.

This is why credit repair can take time. The credit bureaus have 30-45 days to respond by law.

I haven't heard anything back from the credit bureaus what's going on?

First please log into your portal and make sure you uploaded a proof of address and the mailing address is correct.

2nd it can take 30-45 days to hear back , and sometimes they don’t respond at all. But no worries that’s why this takes time . There are over 60,000 people contacting them every day.

I'm being sued by a creditor now what?

Don’t Panic 90% of the time it’s just a threat to get you to pay . You’ll know if you’re being sued when you get a subpoena or a summons . If that happens contact an attorney as soon as possible for representation.

Understanding Credit

What do I need to buy a house?

Most lenders require a 640 FICO score to qualify for FHA loan (3.5% down), 2 years of job history and 3 lines of credit that have never been late.


What credit cards should I get ?

We have some great resources that we recommend HERE

My jewelers club doesn't have anything I want , can I do something else?


My jewelers club jewelry is not the cheapest but does serve a purpose for your credit. Since they don’t check credit before approving you that’s their way of protecting themselves. $99 enrollment fee and must purchase $99 worth of items.

It’s a short term sacrifice for long term gain. Buy something once. Make the payments every month until you’re done

Collections keep hounding me should I just settle?

Paying a collection company will only stop one thing … phone calls! They WILL NOT DELETE ITMES IF YOU TAKE A PRE NEGOTIATED SETTLEMENT . Send any mail you get and we will have our legal team review it

When should I apply for credit?

At least 6 months from the day you started to make sure you get approved for the best rates.

Should I pay off the full balances everytime I use credit or in payments?

It really depends how well you handle debt. If you’re not good at it just pay the full balance, if you are make one purchase and make small payments until the balance is cleared.

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Philly Credit Mechanic is the top rated credit repair company in the tristate area. We have helped hundreds of clients increase their credit scores from 75-200 points within a short timeframe.

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