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700 Credit Club
Let me help you achieve your financial goals by repairing your credit.
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Let Me Help You Get to the 700 Club

You fight tooth and nail to pay all of your bills but sometimes life hits you harder than your financial planning. We Get It. Our proven 4 Point Credit Repair Process will give you all the tools you need to be in the 700 Club.


Credit Repair

Removes derogatory items holding back your credit scores.

Build Credit

Build positive credit and boost or reestablish your credit profile.

Credit Audit

Will give us the roadmap to improving your credit scores.

Credit Education

Will give us the roadmap to improving your credit scores.

Our 4 Point Credit Repair Process is Fast & Effective

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Our 4 Point Credit Repair Process

Just like any good mechanic, we have the right tools to fix your credit.


Get a professional customized plan for improving your credit.
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Tweak your credit to maximize your scores with our credit tools.
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Remove derogatory items holding back your credit scores
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Use your improved credit to accomplish your financial goals.
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We Correct Inaccurate Negative Items Such as

Late Payments • Charge Offs • Repossessions • Foreclosures • Tax Liens • Judgments • Personal Information • and much more

About Author & Speaker Aaron Clarke

Aka “The Philly Credit Mechanic”

As the Founder and Owner of Philly Credit Mechanic – I was a victim of 3 hindering factors: credit bureaus, creditors I owed, and CREDIT REPAIR COMPANIES! After investing hundreds of dollars to hire multiple credit repair companies, it was apparent that my score wasn’t increasing at all.

That’s when I took the time to learn of credit laws and loopholes within the credit reporting industries; which I then teamed up with the best consumer attorneys on the east coast, and was able to get tens of thousands worth of items deleted from my credit report.

My 474 credit score increased within — inducting me into the 700 club; and I CAN make it happen for you too!

Philly Credit Mechanic is the FASTEST GROWING Credit Repair Company in Philadelphia. We have helped tons of clients increase their credit scores from 75-200 points within a short timeframe.

We have designed a POWERFUL and effective system that can help you increase your Credit Score.

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We Have the Tools to Improve Your Credit

Let us help you get into the 700 Credit Club
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