How Our Credit Repair Service Works

Philly Credit Mechanic is the highest rated credit repair company in the tristate area.

We have a proven system that makes working toward a better credit score effective and efficient. Simply work with us and we will guide you through these 4 steps to achieve your goals. We stand by our credit repair membership so much that we provide ALL clients with a

6-month money back guarantee!

Step 1:

Book a FREE Consultation With Us

This conversation is a 30-minute discovery call. We want you to learn as much about us as possible. In turn we want to learn about your and your goals.
During this consultation one of our credit mechanics will ask and answer questions about our credit repair membership.

At the end of the call you will:

  • Have the opportunity to learn about us (You have to know us to trust us. By all means we will be working with your sensitive personal information)
  • Have a rough estimation of the amount of time we will need to work together to get you closer to you goals.
  • Learn what “credit repair” actually is. Believe it or not, many people misinterpret what credit repair is so we will teach you.
  • Learn what working with us actually will look like.

Step 2:

Become a Member

At the end of your consultation, one of our credit mechanics will send you a link to become a member. Once you register, you will be “onboarded” and given access to your login credentials and our member portal. Inside of our member portal you will find:

  1. Educational resources such as customized videos that will help you to achieve your goals
  2. Resources to monitor your credit report and the work that we will accomplish together
  3. Copies of confirmation mail that the credit bureaus send out when negative items are deleted from your report.

Step 3:

Begin Our Signature 4 Point Credit Repair Process

Just like any good mechanic, we use tools to fix your credit…

Point 1: Diagnosis
Get a professional customized plan for improving your credit.
Point 2: Repair
Remove derogatory items holding back your credit scores
Point 3: Detail
Tweak your credit to maximize your scores with our credit tools.
Point 4: Freedom
Use your improved credit to accomplish your goals

Step 4:

Monitor, Maintain, & Set New Goals

Monitor Your Credit Through Our Membership
Now that you have achieved your goals, this doesn’t mean that you will have great credit forever without putting work in. Just like any goal, you not only have to work to achieve it, you also have to work to maintain it. At this point you will use your membership to monitor your credit be sure that no further reporting errors can hurt you or cost you thousands.
The only way to avoid the damage that erroneous credit reporting can cause is to monitor it.

Maintain Your Good Credit Through Our Membership
We will also work closely to maintain your good credit. Remember, your good credit is only as good as your financial activity. Any wrong move can ruin your good credit history eliminating the chances of accomplishing your next goals.

Set New Goals for Yourself.
Now that you have accomplished one thing on your bucket list by retiring you credit with us, now’s the time to level up and set a new bigger and better goal. This is how you build the life you want. Set goals and smash them one after another. These new goals may require you to take your credit to the next level. Creditors don’t only look at your score, but rather they look at the report as a total. So lets work together to get your credit to as close to perfect as possible.

What Our Clients Say about Us

Philly Credit Mechanic is the top rated credit repair company in the tristate area. We have helped hundreds of clients increase their credit scores from 75-200 points within a short timeframe.

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