Who We Are

Our mission is to help people achieve their goals, improve their quality of life, and cross personal and professional items off their bucket list through credit repair.

Philly Credit Mechanic is the highest rated credit repair company in the tri-state area. We have helped hundreds of clients increase their credit scores from 75-200 points within a short timeframe.

We specialize in helping people to achieve their goals.  We take the time to learn about you and what really maters to you. We know that people are typically motivated to improve their score because they essentially want better for themselves, their families, and their legacy.

A credit score is just a number and a credit report is just a piece of paper but the freedom that the score and report gives access to is the only important thing.

We can only truly help you when we know what fuels your 700 credit score dreams.  Once we are invested then you now have a partner and you don’t have to go at it alone.

Aaron Clarke - Founder

Credit repair expert, author, entrepreneur, and real estate investor Aaron Clarke is the founder of Philly Credit Mechanic.  After suffering from a 474 credit score, insurmountable debt, and thousands of dollars wasted on the services of ineffective nationally known credit repair companies, Aaron decided to take his credit matters in his own hands.  He spent years studying credit law, loopholes within the credit reporting industries, and exactly how the credit reporting agencies work inside and out.  Once he absorbed as much information as possible, he decided to put his studies into action.  He teamed up with the best consumer attorneys on the east coast, and was successful at removing tens of thousands worth of items from his credit report in a few short months.  He then took what he learned to repair his own credit and did the same for friends and family, and was ultimately urged to open Philly Credit Mechanic to the public.

Within a year of operating Philly Credit Mechanic, Aaron helped thousands to repair their credit, built the company from the ground up, and landed the top spot as the highest rated credit repair company in the tristate area. 

He is a proud father of 2 daughters, regularly volunteers his time to a myriad of non-profits, and is a veteran of the US Army.

Outside of his passion for helping individuals and families achieve their goals through credit repair, Aaron is also a real estate investor and author.  He holds a portfolio of properties throughout the US and has authored the book “Finances and Credit Repair: How I Went from a 474 Credit Score to the 700 Club”. 

Deshana Duncan

Deshana Duncan is the follow-up specialist here at Philly Credit Mechanic. She has always had a strong passion for educating and helping people get their finances in order so that they can eventually have their version of “financial freedom” & that all starts with good credit habits She is also licensed for life insurance. When she is not working, she’s spending time with her daughter.

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We work with the 3 Credit Reporting Agencies to improve your credit score to help you have a better quality of life.